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T-LASER and T-SPARK are the results of our business philosophy.

We use laser(T-LASER) and arc-discharging(T-SPARK) technologies for our welding devices.

Pulse heat input welding causes very little heat damage such as distortion, undercutting, unwanted hardness change onto the base material. These high quality welding methods are very popular in plastic injection, diecasting and press molds and also the repair of precision machine parts.

Conventional welding such as “TIG welding” requires high skill for precise welding.

But with T-LASER and T-SPARK, anyone can do precise welding with low-heat input. Also, there will be less difficulties in laser welding on complex shaped molds thanks to our T-TRACK which the welding path can be easily programmed.


In-house high level welding repairs

Our main product T-LASER is a laser welding device that is specialized for low power output. It is completely different from conventional welding products. With a pulse controlled laser beam,the user can aim and weld a specific area for high quality welding without causing heat damage.